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Layers of toasted bread slow dancing in all-spice scented yoghurt, sprinkled with crushed almonds and pine nuts…

Brekkie @ Almond Bar
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Here at home, biscuits come in packets and live in the tea room. They have names like Monte Carlo and Iced Vovos, like to get dressed up in chocolate or squeezed together with jam and enjoy a bath of milk or hot tea.

In the States biscuits are what we would call scones here - light and airy on the inside with a slightly crunchy top and base that will take on the weight of whatever tasty conserve you layer on it as well as a (un)healthy dollop of cream.

Biscuits in the States are generally served savoury and can usually found hanging out with its best mate  gravy, or as a substitute for toast at brekkie or as a side for a celebratory meal like Thanksgiving, which is where these like tikes were supposed to make its Australian debut.

With dimensions more closely resembling a tea room classic than a a fluffy pillow of gravy soaking goodness, I think I may have to do a dash and run

A great salad to eat with a fork.

On the weekend, my good friend Olenka made this salad which we ate with some pumpkin pizza. The ingredients are as follows (ratio’s you can adjust to your personal preference) with a simple dressing of salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.





Red onion

Mixed lettuce


What’s in a name?

Have you ever tried to come up with a name for a blog before? Not easy.